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Wonderful review of 9/5/18 Chamber Concert in The News-Gazette!

The News-Gazette’s music critic John Frayne attended our “Messages to Gaia” Chamber Concert, and had very nice things to say about the event! My favorite part of his review is at the end, where Mr. Frayne identified my tastes in poetry in the upcoming performance of Terra Nostra, my oratorio about the planet:

“From the friendly atmosphere of this charming concert, I am eager to hear Garrop’s oratorio “Terra Nostra,” a work that sets texts by some of the major poets of the English language: aside from Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelly, Lord Byron, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Edna St. Vincent Millay. Like her music, Garrop’s tastes in poetry lean romantic.”

You can read his review by clicking on the graphic below, or click here to be redirected to The News-Gazette.