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Community Support


Maestro Circle Members

The Maestro Circle recognizes individuals who play a key part in sustaining the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra by donating $1,000 or more for the season. CUSO gratefully acknowledges and thanks these donors for their exceptional generosity and support. Donations listed here support the 2020-21 season and were received from April 20, 2020, through March 22, 2021.

Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
Ernest and Lois Gullerud

SPONSORS | $5,000 & above
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Janice Bahr and Ernie Hoffman
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
Ernest and Lois Gullerud
Katherine Kinser and Family
Meredith Foundation
Meyer Charitable Foundation
Anne and David Sharpe

BENEFACTORS | $2,500 to $4,999
Rabel and Joyce Burdge
Kip and Janet Pope

UNDERWRITERS | $1,000 to $2,499
Gerald and Susan Crawford
Charles and Diane Dold
James and Anastasia Economy
Rhoda Engel
Susan Feldman
Phillip and Tammar Geil
Mars and Jim Gentry
Wolfgang Haken
Michelle and John Johlas
Marguerite and Walter Maguire
Edward and Lani McAuley
James and Karen McKechnie
Walter and Jane Myers
Papp Family Trust
Russ and Elaine Peppers
Don and Gay Roberts
Robeson Family Benefit Fund
Annilee Shaul
Millie Sims
Case and Elaine Sprenkle
Jack and Virginia Waaler
Carolyn S. Witter Trust
Harold and Elaine Yoon

Our Donors

The Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra warmly thanks these community members and organizations for their support of the orchestra and the Guild for the 2020-21 season. Donations listed here were received from April 20, 2020, through March 22, 2021.

PATRONS | $500 to $999
Vailin Choi
Mickey Davisson
Douglas and Ellen Elrick
Mary Ann Fugate
Abhilash Harpale
Terry and Judy Iversen
Francis and Helen Jahn

Jim and Maxine Kaler
Marilyn Lindholm
Richard Noel
David Plath and Jacquetta Hill
Anne Robin
Mary-Jean Sattazahn
Tim and Judy Sehy

Alethea Taylor and Curtis Stephens
Art and Shirley Traugott
Urbana Arts and Culture Commission
Karen Walker
Beverly Williams
Steven and Susan Zumdahl

FRIENDS | $250 to $499
Stephen Alltop
Grace Ashenfelter
Rita Bartholomew
Eugene and Kathleen Barton
Champaign West Rotary
Elizabeth Chato
Ron and Mehri Cowan
Ann Einhorn
Richard Ensrud

Marne Helgesen
Janice Impey
Lawrence and Martha Ann Jones
Jeffrey and Patricia Kirby
Chris and Sandy Kuhne
Rosemary Laughlin
Emily Levin
Ezra and Helen Levin Foundation
Ward and Diana McDonald
Nancy Morse

William and Jean Roberts
Peggy Schneider
Christie Schuetz
Dennis and Linda Sims
Carrie Storrs
Sullivan-Parkhill Imports
Dick and Marilyn Thies
Tuesday Morning Musical Club
James and Diane Wardrop

FANS | $100 to $249
Carl Amrhein
Kathryn Anthony
Charlotte Arnstein
Richard and Margaret Bauer
Carl and Carol Belber
Kenneth and Mary Beth
James and Lorene Bier
Charlie Boast and Marsha Clinard
William and Ellen Brewer
Robert Buhts
David and Beth Chasco
Nancy Creason
Richard DeLong
Ben and Shari Fox
Beverly and Michael Friese
Liza Goldwasser
Charles and Nancy Goodall
Angela Gruendl
Mitchell and Frances Harris

Alex Hedlund
Brant Houston and Rhonda Fallon
Ingrid and Bruce Hutchings
Robert Illyes
Ellen Jacobsen
Junior League of Champaign-Urbana
John and Marti Kemp
Gerri Kirchner
Julia Kling
Christa Knust
Cathy Kurtz
Jim and Marcia Licquia
Gary and Leslie Mason
Ed McCartney and Rita Gentry McCartney
Linda McGowan
Mary McGuire
Patty and Jon McNussen
George and Elizabeth Miley
Anna Moore
Carolyn Mullally

Suzan Nash and Timothy Howe
Jeffrey Nelson
Esther Patt
Nelson and Phyllis Pelletier
David and Jean Peters
Karla Peterson
Daniel and Helen Richards
Thomas Rozanski
Robin Sahner
Grace and William Schoedel
Amy Schricker
Andy and Charlotte Schuchart
John R. Scott
Vaidas and Birute Simaitis
Ann Smith
K. Sarah Spaulding
Kathryn Tongue
J. G. and Susan Townsend
Leslie Zoref

Marc Alexander
Basia Balhan
Ernest and Nancy Barenberg
John Best
Marie Bohl
Ray and Joyce Bowers
Chandra Chekuri
Chee-Hyeon Choi
Harry and Judith Clem
Luis Cuza
Suzanne Darby
Harold and Nancy Diamond
Anne Dixon
Robert Driver
Hope Eastin
Laura Evancho
Susan Feuille
Lucille Frasca
Elena Gabor
Ann Harden

William and Anne Heiles
Kay Hodson
Peter and Joan Hood
Paula Jones
Jenette Jurczyk
George and Beverly Kieffer
William and Eileen Kohen
Priscilla Kron and Gerald Frye
Carol Kubitz
Michael Lambert
Yanxin Li
David Madden
Beth McDonald
Kimberly McFarland
Max and Betsy Mitchell
Wayne Munster
Nancy Nash
Richard Noel
Aiko Perry
Amanda Ramey

Atron Regen
Kyle and Phyllis Robeson
Stephen and Deborah Rugg
Mia Saraille
Terry Seldomridge
Doris Shaw
Matthew Sheppard and Maria Arrua
Donald and Janice Sherbert
Marc Taylor
Diane Toalson
John Tubbs
Patricia Tymchyshyn
Helen Vedder
Michael and Lila Vodkin
Satomi Wakita
Ashton and June Waller
James Weber
Joan and Ted Zernich


In Honor of Peggy and Michael Grossman’s 50th Anniversary
Ann Einhorn

In Memory of Judi Hoffman
Erwin Hoffman and Janice Bahr

In Memory of Dr. David Kinser
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Janice Bahr and Erwin Hoffman
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
Kathy Kinser and Family
Gerri Kirchner
Walter and Jane Myers
Russ and Elaine Peppers
Christie Schuetz
Charles and Barbara Schweighauser
K. Sarah Spaulding

In Memory of Dean Sanders
Jo Ellen DeVilbiss

In Memory of Eva Steger
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Gerri Kirchner

In Memory of Raymond E. Williams
Beverly, Steven, and Nathan Williams and Families

In Memory of Carolyn Witter
Carl and Nadja Altstetter