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Individual Donors


Maestro Circle Members

The CUSO Maestro Circle recognizes individuals who play a key part in sustaining the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra by donating $1,000 or more each season. The CUSO gratefully acknowledges and thanks these outstanding donors for their exceptional generosity and support. Donations listed here were received from April 12, 2016 through January 26, 2017.

Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
Ernest and Lois Gullerud

SPONSORS | $5,000 & above
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Janice Bahr and Erwin Hoffman
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
Gerald and Susan Crawford
Ernest and Lois Gullerud
Kip and Janet Pope

BENEFACTORS | $2,500 to $4,999
Gene and Helen Grandone
William and Carol Kubitz
The Papp Family Trust
Anne and David Sharpe
David and Annilee Shaul
Eva Steger
William Youngerman

UNDERWRITERS | $1,000 to $2,499
Harry and Charlene Bremer
James and Alice Faron
Susan Feldman
Rudolf and Lucille Frasca
Samuel and Mimi Krug
George and Elizabeth Miley
Daniel and Helen Richards
Don and Gay Roberts
Chris and Julia Schmidt
Millie Sims
Case and Elaine Sprenkle
Jack and Virginia Waaler
John Walter and Joy Thornton Walter
Ruth Youngerman


Our Donors

The Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra warmly thanks our individual donors for their support. Donations listed here were received from April 12, 2016 through January 26, 2017.

PATRONS | $500 to $999
David and Janet Butler
Rhoda Engel
William and Elaine Hall
Terry and Judy Iversen
Jim and Maxine Kaler
Gerri Kirchner
Wayne and Loretta LaFave

Jon and Judith Liebman
Ed McCartney and
  Rita Gentry McCartney
Jerry and Joanie Meyer
G. David and Jean Peters
David Plath and Jacquetta Hill
Anne Robin

Barak Rosenshine
David and Sharon Snyder
K. Sarah Spaulding
Art and Shirley Traugott
Beverly Williams
Carolyn Witter
Harold and Elaine Yoon

FRIENDS | $250 to $449
Stephen Alltop
Marian Babbs
Eugene and Kathleen Barton
Kenneth and Mary Beth
Elizabeth Chato
Albert Cheng and Vailin Choi
Willis and Carol Colburn
Judith Cotter
Ron and Mehri Cowan
Marilynne Davis
Tom and Mickey Davisson
Ann Einhorn
Douglas and Ellen Elrick

Richard Ensrud
Rosemarie and Brendan Foley
Alan and Clare Hausserman
Harry and Jeannine Henriksen
Lois Irion
Jerry and Helen Jahn
Lawrence and Martha Jones
Paula Jones
David and Kathy Kinser
Chris and Sandy Kuhne
Rosemary Laughlin
Emily Levin
James and Karen McKechnie

Douglas and Cisty Mills
David and Nancy Morse
Walter and Jane Myers
George and Mary Perlstein
Joni Peters
Mary-Jean Sattazahn
Edwin and Carol Scharlau
Richard Schicht
Paul and Doris Shaw
Dennis and Linda Sims
John and Ruth Weaver

CONTRIBUTORS | $100 to $249
Adalaide Aime
Bob and Suzanne Aldridge
Steve and Graciela Andresen
Kathryn Anthony
Richard and Carol Arnould
Walter and Charlotte Arnstein
Mervin Arzadon and
  Hancel Achanzar-Arzadon
Grace Ashenfelter
Rita Bartholomew
Richard and Margaret Bauer
Wayne and Susan Bekiares
Brenda Berg
James and Lorene Bier
Nancy Blake
Charlie Boast and Marsha Clinard
Marlena Bordson
Kate Brown
Rabel and Joyce Burdge
Jerry Carden and Timothy Temple
David and Beth Chasco
JoAnne Conerty
Nancy Creason
Nancy Curran
John and Melinda Dabrowski
Whit and Cathy Daily
Al Davis
Deborah Day
Richard DeLong
Michele Dillavou
George and Lori Dobrik
Donald Dodds
Newt Dodds
Charles and Diane Dold
John and Carol Douglas
Andrew and Marion Edwards
Albert and Barbara England
Ruth Flygare
Mary Ann Fugate
Sonya Gans
Edwin and Liza Goldwasser
Nancy Goodall
Judy Greene

Michael and Peggy Grossman
Nancy Gwinn
Susan Haney
Margaret Hansell
Paula Heath
Brant Houston and Rhonda Fallon
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Edward and Sandy Hynds
Janice Impey
Lenrose Jahiel
Marianne Kalinke
George and Beverly Kieffer
Jeffrey and Patricia Kirby
Julia Kling
Marilyn Kohl
Charles and Joan Kozoll
Larry and Carol Krause
Herman and Marion Krier
Curtis and Susan Krock
Maria Cesaria Lancaster
Warren Lavey and Holly Rosencranz
David and Kay Lemons
Bob and Diane Lentz
Lou and Mary Liay
Iris Lundin
Mankin and Pauline Mak
Lola Mayes
Walter McMahon
Randy and Gay Moore
J.W. and Ann Marie Morrissette
Donald Moyer and Marilyn Whittaker
Suzan Nash and Timothy Howe
Doug and Janet Nelson
Richard and Rosann Noel
Edward and Carolyn Ogen
Dave and Beth Olmsted
Terry and Julie O’Neill
Howard and Jean Osborn
Randall and Sheila Ott
Helen Parker
David and Katie Parkhill
Jeffrey Partenheimer
Jean Patton

Nelson and Phyllis Pelletier
Russ and Elaine Peppers
Aiko Perry
Jim and Cinda Pettigrew
Carolyn Phelps
Walter and Carolyn Pribble
Colin and Carole Prowse
Jane Queller
Atron Regen
Marilyn Reid
Michael and Karen Retzer
William and Jean Roberts
Thomas Rozanski
Stephen and Deborah Rugg
Peggy Schneider
William and Grace Schoedel
Christie Schuetz
Miriam Schwanauer
Anita Schwartz
John and Barbara Scott
Rose Ellen Scott
Tim and Judy Sehy
John and Kay Shaner
Donald and Janice Sherbert
Frank and Carol Shupp
Vaidas and Birute Simaitis
Fred and Audrey Sistler
Bernard and Prudence Spodek
William and Margarite Stallman
Cecile Steinberg
Alethea Taylor
Dianne Toalson
J.G. and Susan Townsend
Artemis Comet Trebellas
Alice Vernon
Ralph and Maggie Volk
Safwat and Anna Wahba
Ashton and June Waller
Wayne and Anne Weber
Gaye Wong
Roger and Dolores Yarbrough
Kathryn Zimmerman

Don and Sue Bartlett
Carolyn Baxley
Dennis and Danda Beard
Carl and Carol Belber
Lem Bengoechea and Nancy Johnson
Peter and Judith Braunfeld
Joseph and Sandra Casserly
Beverly Cottrell
David and Shirley Crouse
Robert and Patricia Davis
JoEllen DeVilbiss
John and Terri Dodson
Stephanie Drake
Hope Eastin
William and Reva Egherman
Roger and Edith Ewald
Victor and Judith Feldman
Robert and Deborah Foertsch
Jeanette Forrest
Stanley Friedman
Mike and Beverly Friese
Paul and Susan Geissler

Mildred Gerard
Henry and Ruth Gerlach
Eugene and Inga Giles
Joli Ginsberg
Rebecca Hanson
Kermit and Ann Harden
Mitchell and Frances Harris
William and Anne Heiles
Richard and Gloria Helfrich
Carla Heskett
Kay Hodson
Doris Howard
Wanda Kanagy
Raj Karinattu
Stephen and Deborah Kasak
Peter and Brenda Kimble
Irene Lamkin
Barbara Land
Ira and Cecile Lebenson
Betty Little
Sara DeMundo Lo
Stephen and Ann Long

Stephanie Lynge
Walter and Marguerite Maguire
Gary and Leslie Mason
Mary McGuire
Jeff Mellander
Chris and Karen Meyer
Robin Sahner
David and Ruth Sattazahn
Annette Schoenberg
Lou Shepherd
Claire Skaperdas
Melvyn Skvarla
Tom and Marie Slattery
Carrie Storrs
Edith Stotler
Dick and Marilyn Thies
Marie Tompkins
Jerry and Karen Tow
Dale and Virginia Tutje
Ralph and Gretka Wolfe