The CUSO Maestro Circle consists of individuals who invest in the future of the the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra by donating $1,000 or more each season. The CUSO gratefully acknowledges and thanks these outstanding donors for their exceptional generosity and support. Donations listed here were received from February 28, 2013 through April 17, 2014. 

Carl and Nadja Altstetter
SPONSORS | $5,000 & above
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Donald Dodds
Jim and Alice Faron
Rudolf and Lucille Frasca
Ernest and Lois Gullerud
Erwin and Judi Hoffman
Sam and Mimi Krug
Kip and Janet Pope
Case and Elaine Sprenkle
Jeffrey and Charlotte Wandell
BENEFACTORS | $2,500 to $4,999
Byron and Jeanne Balbach
The Papp Family Trust
Russ and Elaine Peppers
David and Annilee Shaul
Jack and Virginia Waaler
UNDERWRITERS | $1,000 to $2,499
Harry and Charlene Bremer
Gerald and Susan Crawford
Marilynne Davis
Charles and Diane Dold
Susan Feldman
Bill and Carol Kubitz
George and Elizabeth Miley
Richard and Rosann Noel
Howard and Jean Osborn
Daniel and Helen Richards
Don and Gay Roberts
Robeson Family Benefit Fund
George and Nancy Shapland
Millie Sims
Eva Steger
John Walter and Joy Thornton Walter
The Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra warmly thanks our individual donors for their support. Donations listed here were received from February 28, 2013 through February 25, 2014.

PATRONS | $500 to $999
Marc and Frances Ansel
Ken Bengoechea and Nancy Johnson
Allen and Julie Beyler
Bob and Charmian Bulley
Richard Cogdal
Douglas and Ellen Elrick
Rhoda Engel
William and Elaine Hall
Brant Houston and Rhonda Fallon
Jim and Maxine Kaler
George and Beverly Kieffer
David and Kathy Kinser
Don Kruse and Janice Bahr
Chris and Sandy Kuhne
Ed McCartney and Rita Gentry McCartney
James and Karen McKechnie
Walter and Carolyn McMahon
Chris and Karen Meyer
Walter and Jane Myers
George and Mary Perlstein
Anne Robin
Christie Schuetz
Betty Littlejohn-Schultz
Safwat and Anna Wahba
Carolyn Witter
FRIENDS | $250 to $449
Eugene and Kathleen Barton
Elizabeth Chato
Carleton Curran
Peter and Carol Czajkowski
Al Davis
Tom and Mickey Davisson
Marci Dodds and Jon “Cody” Sokolski
James and Anastasia Economy
Ann Einhorn
Jim and Mars Gentry
Clare Gropp
Bruce Hertig
Lois Irion
Jerry and Helen Jahn
James Jesso
Paula Jones
Aron McDonald
J. W. and Ann Marie Morrissette
Robert and Frankie Mosborg
David and Jean Peters
David and Jacquetta Plath
Mary-Jean Sattazahn
Edwin and Carol Scharlau
Paul and Doris Shaw
Dennis and Linda Sims
Melvyn Skvarla
Jean Smith
K. Sarah Spaulding
Jon and Kendra Stewart
Debra Sutter
Beverly Williams
Ruth Youngerman

| $100 to $249
William and Coletta Ackermann
Alan and Claire Haussermann
Ansel and Janet Anderson
Walter and Charlotte Arnstein
Grace Ashenfelter
Judy Bach
Werner Baer
David and Laurel Bailie
Rita Bartholomew
Carl and Carol Belber
Rob and Dorothy Beldon
Kenneth and Mary Beth
James and Lorene Bier
Gerald and Lois Brighton
David and Janet Butler
Willis Colburn
Judith Cotter
Nancy Creason
Bob and Patricia Davis
Richard DeLong
Ellen Elrick
Esther Fay
Brendan and Rose Marie Foley
Sharon Foreman
Marvin and Matilda Frankel
Alan and Vicki Good
Helen Grandone
Nancy Gwinn
Rebecca Hanson
Terry and Sharon Harkness
Paul and Jean Hausladen
Harry and Jeannine Henriksen
Doris Howard
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Terry and Judy Iversen
Lenrose Jahiel
Lawrence and Martha Ann Jones
Chris Kade and Jo Ann McNaughton-Kade
Dennis Kane
Barbara Kaufman
John and Marti Kemp
Martin and Doris Koeck
David and Barb Kuhl
Ira and Cecile Lebenson
Helen and Emily Levin
Betty Little
Gary and Leslie Mason
Ward and Diana McDonald
Mary McGuire
James and Dorothy Moffitt
Don and Carolyn Mullally
Aiko Perry
Carolyn Phelps
Stephen Portnoy
William and Jean Roberts
Linda Rollings
Robin Sahner
Richard Schicht
Chris and Julia Schmidt
Peggy Schneider
William and Grace Schoedel
Donald and Janice Sherbert
David and Sharon Snyder
Edward Snyder
R. Merle Stauffer
Burt and Iris Swanson
Linda Tammen
Richard and Marilyn Thies
Deborah Townsend
Greg and Susan Townsend
Harry and Pola Triandis
Helen Vedder
Ed and Alice Vernon
Ashton and June Waller
Mort and Cecelia Weir
Robert Wickesberg and Susan Noffke
Mary Wood
James and Leland Andrews
Marolyn Banner
Scott Bennett
Marlena Bordson
Jane and Maynard Brichford
Joyce Burdge
Joan Reilly Burke
Jerry Carden and Timothy Temple
Yoline Chandler
Ron and Mehri Cowan
Stephanie Drake
Mike and Beverly Friese
Casey Gentis
Don and Liz Greeley
Judy Greene
Harold and Lois Guither
Paula Heath
William and Anne Heiles
Kay Hodson
John and Bonnie Hummel
Francis Jacobson Harris
Stephen and Deborah Kasak
Peter and Brenda Kimble
Barbara Land
Marilyn Lindholm
Sara DeMundo Lo
Walter and Marguerite Maguire
Mary McDonald
Jeff Mellander
Joseph Miller
Fred and Audrey Mohn
John and Jean Murray
Barbara Orden
Marilyn Reid
David and Nancy Reinertsen
Bernard and Prudence Spodek
Dale and Margaret Steffensen
Dale and Virginia Tutje
Xiao Wang
James and Diane Wardrop
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