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Alex McHattie

Alex McHattieAlex McHattie serves as principal double bassist with the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra, and Mr. McHattie performs regularly with other regional music organizations such as The Prairie Ensemble, BACH, and Heartland Festival Orchestra.

With an ongoing interest in new music, Mr. McHattie premiered and performed compositions by Ross Feller and Carla Scaletti in Chicago, Montreal, Amherst MA, and Ann Arbor MI. He was an associate resident at the University of Illinois Center for Advanced Study and collaborated in performance productions with the Performer’s Workshop Ensemble. He has collaborated in the composition of mixed media work with Robin Barger for performance presentations at the Siggraph Exposition in Chicago, and a sight-sound multimedia installation with visual artist Judith Baker for the Barlow Planetarium in Appleton, Wisconsin. Mr. McHattie also soloed and participated in ensemble performances at the University of Denver, Denver and Johnson County public high schools, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Butler University, Ball State University, and Indiana University. His doctoral thesis is focused on the extended just intonation music of Ben Johnston.